Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Unique Marketing Model of Aldi Company Case Study - 135

Unique Marketing Model of Aldi Company - Case Study Example The international expansion of Aldi stores made a large impact on leading global retailers (Steen & Lane1). Giving customers first priority by owing them respect played a major role in the competitive environment. Production of superior and new brands than the competitors would play a significant role in sustaining the competitive advantage to Aldi. International expansion of the stores would also play a major role in sustaining competitive advantage (Tichy & DeRose Web). Lowering the prices and increasing the quality level of production to customers. Provision of unique and superior brands created loyalty to most of the suppliers of Aldi for long period of time and some customers believed that the products were national brands from a foreign country (Tichy & DeRose Web). Lowering the prices brings in more customers since all can purchase their choices with the little they own. Further, since the majority are always after quality products, more customers would come in to enjoy their respective preferences. Aldi greatly believed that quality is affordable to meet the growing demand by successfully entering new markets in Houston, Florida and New York and introducing of new product such as organic foods. Aldi’s financials are average. The company does not seem to get more revenues from other competitions such as Walmart. The company’s financial position is however very strong. The company generally has healthy financial statements with ever increasing in revenue collected almost on a yearly basis. According to the Aldi and Walmart data of (2012), the global revenue of Aldi ranges at $66 billion compared to that of Walmart that ranges from $444 billion.(Steen & Lane10) This is a clear indication that Aldi level is low compared to Walmart. Walmart also had the number of stores in the U.S compared to Aldi each owning 1,188 and 3211 respectively.  

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