Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Critique the article provided Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Critique the article provided - Essay Example The study findings detailed that heart failure readmissions rates and quality of life did not considerably vary between control groups and treatment. The study also revealed that, health beliefs, apart from benefits of medication, considerably shifted from baseline within the treatment group in directions hypothesized by the Health Belief Model. In the article, Sethares and Elliott (2004) conclude that a tailored message intervention altered the beliefs of the individuals with heart failure in terms of the gains and barriers of taking medications, self-monitoring for indications of fluid overload, and committing to a sodium-restricted diet. Sethares and Elliott (2004) maintains that future research may be required to further examine the influence of health belief changes on real self-care behaviors, especially on the impact of tailored interventions on real changes within self-care behaviors and the dose of intervention required to influence the changes. The title of the article is concise in implying the key variables of the study and the study population. The title of the article highlights the focus of the article and variables that will be utilized in the study. The abstract of the article concisely summarizes the key features of the study including objective, design, subjects, theoretical framework, results, and conclusions. The statement of the problem is clear-cut and easy to identify; furthermore, the problem statement forms the foundations of a coherent persuasive argument on the efficacy of a tailored message intervention provided during hospital admission. Evidently, the problem presented in the study has a significant bearing on nursing. There is a good alignment between the research problem and the quantitative methods and paradigms utilized in the study. The randomized control trial was utilized to appraise the impact of a tailored message intervention on heart failure readmission rates and quality of

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