Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Deism- The Distant God Essay -- Literary Analysis, The Universe Next D

Deism- The Distant God It all depends on the glasses. Every lens gives a different view of the world, different colors, and different textures. Everything encountered can either be displayed perfectly or distorted. Sometimes things can seem foggy or blurry and other times crystal clear. Worldview can be compared to a pair of glasses. It defines how people see religion, culture, tradition, and life. It is the Father of beliefs, and starter of wars. It is our conscious and our decision maker. A worldview, whether admitted or not, effects and shapes each and every person. James W. Sire gives a precise definition in his book The Universe Next Door, saying, â€Å"A world view is a set of presuppositions (or assumptions) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously) about the basic makeup of our world† (pg.17). To qualify a worldview a livable belief, it must first answer seven basic questions. (1) What is the ultimate reality? (2) What is the nature of external Reality? (3) What is a human being? (4) What happens to a person at death? (5) Why is it possible to know anything at all? (6) How do we know what is right and wrong (morality)? (7) What is the meaning of human history? (8) What are the core commitments that are consistent with this worldview? All major worldviews attempt to provide an answer to these questions of human existence and the reason we are here. Christians need to understand how to apply the questions to not only our own worldview, but also the worldview of others. Only when one begins to understand the basis of another worldview can Christians begin to minister with understanding to the people of that belief. So now let us put on our lenses and explore a worldview that has existed through the pages of history. Let ... ...istianity have core commitments in living out their faith. Because deism does not have set beliefs, commitments vary from deist to deist. Every person is free to use their human reason to draw their own conclusions of life. These goals and commitments will reflect the personal aspects of each person. Warm deists goals may reflect a belief in a creator or God, and what would most make him pleased with him. Cold deists, however, will use only reason to reach their goals. Christianity has one core motive. According the Westminster Shorter Catechism we are to â€Å"glorify God and enjoy him forever.† The Christian’s life does not reflect their goals; rather it reflects God and his holy character. Now that we have been given a new perspective in the worldview of Deism, we can now accurately begin to reach out and witness to this worldview that believes in a faraway God.

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