Thursday, August 8, 2019

Survival Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Survival - Essay Example Life is a very much complicated object to understand and surmount as well. Social injustice and unequal distribution of wealth, power, resources and opportunities have created a wide gulf within the human race. This can be observed while visiting different societies and cultures of the world. There is lavishness, comforts, merry-making, gorgeous dresses, luxurious vehicles, splendid residences, attractive career and much more at one side; and poverty, lack of proper funds, absence of creature comforts and basic necessities, scarcity and darkness on the other. Deficiency in containing apposite provisions as well as dearth in attaining fundamental requirements leads human society towards the path of deviancy, perversion and criminal activities. â€Å"Social injustice†, Zaidi (2006: 32) views, â€Å"serves as the bleakest aspect of not only the contemporary world, but also of the most primitive clans and tribes consisted of cave dwellers of Paleolithic and Neolithic era. It has been the root-cause of man’s entire dismay, displeasure and dissatisfaction since his birth in the world of bitter reality, and has originated grievances, turbulence and turmoil to the generations from the very beginning till today†. Child abuse is also one of the most depressing features of human society. The article under the title â€Å"Survival† has been extracted from Skin: Talking About Sex, Class & Literature created by eminent feminist writer Dorothy Allison, who raised a strong voice against child molestation and violence against the delicate sex. The article is a bold representation of malpractices committed in the contemporary American society particularly in lower middle and lower lower communities. Allison, the American feminist writer and analyst has very courageously submitted the sensitive case before the world and brought to the limelight how the small children of both sexes, especially the girls from the lower stratum of society, are deflowered by family members,

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