Thursday, July 25, 2019

Participation or Non-Participation for a Tennis Professional Essay

Participation or Non-Participation for a Tennis Professional - Essay Example Given the magnitude of the tournament, it would present the best platform to sensitize the World and Americans on my stance and to make them join me in fighting this course. Participation is better given that a large number of people gather to watch this tournament and that the competition attracts people from various countries. Further, several broadcasting channels televise the Indianapolis tennis tournament that will enable my position to reach a large number of people (Durst 1). For a professional tennis player, participation presents the best way of putting forth one's opinion. Just like evidenced in other sports activities, best players choose to participate and put forth their stance concerning an occurrence in the course of their participation. For instance, when a police officer shot a teenager named Garner, and people were of the opinion that the Jury’s decision did not provide justice to the deceased. There were increased protests among the public and LeBron James an NBA star sought to oppose the decision in a game scheduled for Brooklyn. Before the game, LeBron wore a T-shirt with inscriptions showing support for young Garner (Bondy 1). A professional tennis player would pass his stance against the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts via pre-match or post-match interviews. In addition, a professional player can bring forth their position by wearing T-shirts with inscriptions of the stand they take concerning the decision. Finally, given the lar ge social media following that professional sports personality have in these media; the professional tennis player can post his stance on his wall. Despite the lack of participation in the Indianapolis Tennis Championships being impactful, participation and making one’s stance known through various means is the best option. Given the large following, that tennis professionals receive worldwide, failure of involvement would not go well with all the fans. Some fans of the professional tennis player would be so devastated by the failure of the occurrence of the event that they would stop focusing on the issue that led to the decision.  Ã‚  

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