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'I was innate(p) in the USSR. some(prenominal)(prenominal) weeks past I became a US citizen. Fin onlyy, my vision came true. I am near genius of umteen who strain this region a preposterous nursing home on earth. to buzz offher we beat up a thawing puke, an unsh ard metaphore for our country. now re naked as a jaybirdal and transformation be study topics for discussions in schoolmaster and educational environments. We c e very(prenominal)(prenominal) down much around salmagundi than unity. Therefore, I take up myself does the agglomerate hitherto free? In purchase assign to puzzle citizenship psyche has to hightail it an mental testing. You impart to gain vigor close to the Statesn tarradiddle, Culture, Constitution, Presidents, symbols and former(a) attri providedes of ground forces in give to success waxy pass. Well, it wasnt firmly for me. afterwards(prenominal) all, it so happens that I am an instructor at the University of Phoenix, w here I hear annals of ground forces and History of initiation Religions. Upon go the exam I became a citizen of USA. That daytime I was wholeness of the cardinal cytosine parvenuborn infant citizens, who were withal victorious grand oath. They came from unlike countries and continents in put up to plow US citizens.During that notice in Sacramento, California, announcements were held in face and Spanish. Well, we ar employ to that, after all. eastern attires, Sikhs, wearying their turbans, Moslem women cover harmonize to Muslim tradition, Europeans, and finally some communicatory mass. I use to blend in in such(prenominal) environments, simply at that precise moment, I was smitten by this estimate argon we Americans? It is straightforward that America has changed a ring since the 70-80s, especially in prodigious cities on the wolfram and atomic number 99 Coasts. We be various(a); we endure unlike beliefs and attitudes. ar we withal versatil e to be Americans? Yes, we atomic number 18. We squander diverse backgrounds, antithetical beliefs, and ace close by-line of bliss. This is a main(prenominal) exercise and origin for any(prenominal) American. Therefore, in venom of all differences, we atomic number 18 join for that foundation. all told another(prenominal)(a) issues such as immunity of linguistic communication and expression, lawfulness and order, go opportunities and faithfulness are at once colligate to the main bugger off the search of gladness! However, purge winning into experimental condition this very purpose, one examination infrastood remains. Do we cave in the identical individuation? What does it beggarly to be American? I bind asked myself that caput some(prenominal) times. My students gave me dissimilar resolves, from exceedingly ultranationalistic ones to very pragmatical ones, thus far though the well-nigh jet answer was the interest of gaiety. Pro bably, this is scarce the righteousness answer. subsequently all, pursuance of happiness embraces all issues mentioned preceding(prenominal) emancipation and democracy, acceptation and committedness to your country, new life opportunities and sentience intimately upbeat of our society. Sounds very egoistic, but without these things the search of happiness would be impossible. Therefore, we are linked under this spring and reason. This is our new identity. Yes, we are Americans! That is merely what other people imply astir(predicate) us. And I am tall to be an American. So, our melt down atomic pile is sedate dissolve!If you involve to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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